TRANS TELECOMS is a privately owned Saudi telecommunications company, delivering professional telecom engineering services to major telecom vendors, network operators and government entities.

Our main business involves planning, designing and implementing telecommunications projects in the fields of Mobile and fixed Networks, transmission, data and wireless access, bringing in proven Western solutions at the very forefront of technology and adapting them to the special conditions found in the Saudi and Gulf markets, by leveraging our extensive international expertise, working in a sector that is forever in a state of change and innovation.

In short, we make it possible for our clients to do now what their competitors can only dream of doing in the future. As such, we are highly regarded throughout Saudi Arabia and the Gulf; we are already hugely successful; and we have no problems with funding.
One of the most exciting new developments in fixed line solutions is the provision of fibre to the home – allowing ever faster and wider bandwidths to home users, offering a whole new range of ...
At TRANS TELECOMS we understand the ever-increasing bandwidth demands of today's applications. We are active in delivering solutions that competitively deliver services in the triple play domain  ...


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